# rvm seppuku

Are you SURE you wish for rvm to implode?

This will recursively remove /usr/local/rvm and other rvm traces?

(anything other than 'yes' will cancel) > yes

Removing rvm-shipped binaries (rvm-prompt, rvm, rvm-sudo rvm-shell and rvm-auto-ruby)

Removing rvm wrappers in /usr/local/rvm/bin

Hai! Removing /usr/local/rvm

/usr/local/rvm has been removed.

Note you may need to manually remove /etc/rvmrc and ~/.rvmrc if they exist still.

Please check all .bashrc .bash_profile .profile and .zshrc for RVM source lines and delete or comment out if this was a Per-User installation.

Also make sure to remove `rvm` group if this was a system installation.

Finally it might help to relogin / restart if you want to have fresh environment (like for installing RVM again).